Monday, May 7, 2012

Introducing Big Papi

Name: Papaya (better known as Big Papi)
Hometown: Napanee, Ont.
Born: May 2008
Adopted: July 2009
Favourite Sports Teams: Florida Panthers (because she looks like panther), Boston Red Sox (because of her nick-namesake)
Theme Song: Shake a Tail Feather — Ray Charles
Likes: Having a mane, being carried around the house, drinking from the tap
Hates: Getting manicures, not being an outdoor cat
Interesting Trivia: Big Papi has no purr but she does have a very distinctive meow.

I adopted Big Papi in July 2009 because I was worried about Mango being lonely while I was at work. Every day when I left, I could hear her meowing until I drove away.

I was planning to get another orange tabby so I would have two matching cats. After weeks of waiting, I finally saw one advertised on the Humane Society website. But the next day when I went to adopt the tabby, he wasn't there anymore.

I was disappointed so I decided to look at other cats. I was walking by Big Papi's cage when she reached out with both paws and grabbed my arm. She decided that she was going to come home with me.

Big Papi was in the shelter in Napanee, Ont., for months before she was transferred to Ottawa. I began calling her Big Papi as a joke — she was so thin — but she grew into the nickname.

The Humane Society recommended keeping Mango and Big Papi separated to let them to get accustomed to each other so poor Big Papi spent a week crying alone in my room. Thankfully when the cats finally met each other they were friends right away.

The three of us lived in Gatineau, Que., until we moved in with Pete and Lola in March 2011.

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