Monday, May 7, 2012

Introducing Lola

Name: Lola
Hometown: Montreal
Born: December 2005
Adopted: May 2009
Favourite Sports Teams: Montreal Canadiens, Montreal Alouettes (supports her hometown teams)
Theme Song: Lola — The Kinks
Likes: Eating bacon, sitting in boxes and bags, getting belly rubs
Hates: Groomers, closed doors, travelling in cars, not having a balcony
Interesting Trivia: Lola has numerous nicknames including Lolly, Lulu, Lemon, Lollapalooza and the Cat-uffalo

Lola became a part of our family gradually. One of my Facebook friends landed an internship in our newsroom and posted that she needed a cat sitter for the summer. I suggested to Teresa that she contact Pete (we weren't dating yet) because he had cat sat for Mango once.

When Lola first came to live with Pete, she was terrified of him. She hid under his bed for almost a week only coming out to eat when he was at work. Fortunately she warmed up to him.

Pete — who grew up in an anti-cat household — knew nothing about cats. He got Lola hooked on bacon and even let her eat lettuce and drink a Slurpee.

When Teresa's internship ended, she went on an exchange to Europe so Pete's cat sitting duties were extended. And when she moved back to Montreal, she didn't have a cat-friendly apartment so he got to keep Lola even longer.

Finally Teresa asked Pete if he wanted to keep Lola forever and of course he agreed. Teresa is now back working in our newsroom and thankfully Lola is still a part of the family, which expanded in March 2011 to include me and Mango and Big Papi.

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