Wednesday, June 13, 2012

More Hamilton Details

The Job

Peter is going to be a sports editor for Postmedia Editorial Services. It's a different division in the same company that just laid us off. In his old job as a sports editor, he spent most of his time editing and the rest reporting. Now he will spend most of his time laying out pages and the rest editing. He will continue to work for Postmedia's newspaper clients all across Canada

At least four of our friends are also moving to Hamilton to work for the same operation, either because they were transferred or, like Peter, they were laid off and rehired. I'm so thrilled that we already have a support network. Plus, we will live much closer to Peter's extended family and some of my girlfriends. 

The Timeline

On Friday, Peter found out he had a job interview in Hamilton and by Monday he had the job. He starts on June 25.

I'm going to stay here in Ottawa until we sell the house. We're planning to put it on the market next week when the floor is finished. I'm confident we won't have trouble finding a buyer. Once this house is sold, we will buy a place in Hamilton.

Peter is going to live in a hotel in the meantime. Since Hamilton is only five hours away, he is going to come home most weekends to visit and help me pack. 

Future Plans

I am going to take a year off to care for our baby and then go back to school in September 2013. Unfortunately, Hamilton does not have a law school but we have several options that I will post about later.

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