Monday, June 4, 2012

Our New Normal

Peter and I worked the late shift for the past five years, which means we rarely spent our evenings at home together. But now that we're no longer working, we spend every evening at home together.

During the day, Peter works on home renovation projects and applies for jobs. I work on my research projects and sort, clean and organize our home.

But our evenings are much more fun.

Here is what we've been up to:

• We eat dinner together every night. Most of the time we barbecue. Peter also recently discovered this website. You type in everything you have in your kitchen and then it suggests recipes using the ingredients you already have. You only need to type in your ingredients once because the website remembers them for you. You can also emphasize ingredients that you need to use up. It is amazing!

• We play board games. Peter usually wins. Sometimes Mango plays too.

• We go for long walks.

• Peter watches sports while I work on my research projects or do crossword puzzles.

• We watch television or movies. My Big Fat Greek Wedding was on a few nights ago. I had forgotten how cute that movie is.

Obviously, we'd both rather be working. But we're making the best of our new normal.

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