Saturday, July 7, 2012

Blog Makeover

The New Photo
My new photo is of family of three loons that live near Peter's family's cottage in Northwestern Ontario.

My mother-in-law took the photo last August when Peter and I were leaving to go back to Ottawa after our honeymoon. After we told her about the baby this spring, she sent us a copy of the photo because it represented our growing family.

I love loons because they make the best noises and they remind me of our childhood camping trips. Once my sister and I found an abandoned loon egg and we tried to rehabilitate it by building a nest and keeping it warm by the campfire. We wanted to take it home and see if it hatched, but my Dad wisely convinced us to leave it at the campsite.

The New Name
My new name comes from a speech Peter's then-boss gave at work before we left for our wedding.

He called everyone in the office into the centre of the newsroom to congratulate us on "becoming a team of two." I know he was trying to make a sports joke for Peter's benefit, but he never actually mentioned the wedding in his speech.

Because several people had recently been hired and the summer interns had just arrived, a bunch of people listening didn't actually know Peter and I were getting married. They were all very confused.

A year later, we're excited for the arrival of the third member of our team.

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