Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Random Things

• Here is a glorious photo of my brother-in-law Mike pyramid-waterskiing with his friends at Peter's parents' cottage:

• Peter and I were looking through his baby book earlier this week. One of the questions in the book was "What pet would you like to have?" and his answer was "A cat." What foreshadowing!

• All the Prince George pre-natal classes in August and September are full so Peter and I have to take a private class. The only class with space available is on my due date. Boo hiss!

• One of my Mom's girlfriends took me out for lunch yesterday because my family was away and Peter was at work. What a sweetheart!

• I just discovered the hard way that my parents have a car alarm on their vehicle. Oops!

• Peter and I went to the grocery store on Saturday to pick up a few items. We couldn't find any Coke so I asked a person who I thought was a grocery store employee but turned out to be a Pepsi salesman. Oops! Surprisingly, he was extremely helpful.

• Over the past three weeks, I haven't been able to sleep for eight hours in a row. I'm a little alarmed to think that the next time I'll get that luxury might be when our baby becomes a toddler!

• I emailed WestJet to say how happy I was that the pilot showed me a picture of Big Papi and Lola in cargo and a representative wrote me back to thank me for my note and wish me and Peter all the best "with the little one about to bless your lives." WestJet is the best!

• I participated in Snapshots on a Sunday by submitting a photo of one of my cats. (I know you're shocked I picked a cat picture!) Peter actually took the photo because Peter is awesome at photography and Lola likes him the best.

• Speaking of Peter being awesome, are these not the most beautiful anniversary flowers you've ever seen?

I am so lucky to be married to Peter!

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