Monday, August 6, 2012

Random Things

• Here's some crazy news: My brother has malaria. He volunteered at an orphanage in Ghana earlier this summer and he's been sick on and off ever since. Just after he got back from Europe last week, he got extremely sick and ended up in hospital. Thankfully, he's being treated now and he's starting to feel better. He was released from hospital yesterday.

• I set a new personal best for a New York Times Monday crossword today: nine minutes and 22 seconds. Yesterday, I almost set a new personal worst when I took more than two hours to finish the Sunday crossword.

• Peter and I went canoeing down the river with my parents yesterday and it was glorious.

• A few nights ago, Peter and I woke up in the middle of the night when we heard something beeping. We couldn't figure out where the noise was coming from so we assumed it was in the attic above our bedroom. We woke up my Dad to investigate and then we realized that it was the carbon monoxide detector from our Ottawa house that I had packed in my luggage. It was beeping because it hadn't been plugged in since I got to B.C. I felt like an idiot!

• Peter had a glorious one-month review at his new job. I don't want to embarrass him so I won't post the comments. But I am very proud!

• In other Peter news, he has a talent for saying exactly what the sports announcers are going to say about 30 seconds before they say it. It is hilarious!

• Here is a picture of me in my new maternity dress that my mother made:

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