Friday, September 7, 2012

Seven Quick Takes (18)

1. Peter had an interesting week at work. The court reporter was away so he covered this crazy and disgusting trial and then he landed this exclusive interview that he's been chasing since July. I love seeing his byline on the front page!

2. I finished last week's New York Times Friday crossword and I felt like a genius because Fridays are usually too hard for me. Fortunately, the crossword had one cat clue and three Catholic clues that helped get me started:
• Certain cat: Tom
• Saint ___ of Assisi, co-founder of the Order of Poor Ladies: Clare 
• Missal stand's place: Altar
• Mass event: Rite
The most glorious and clever clue was:
• They're written for two-part harmony: Peace treaties 
But then today I could barely even start the Thursday crossword and I felt like an idiot. 
I need to learn more about Greek mythology, Jewish culture and old movies. I always get stumped by those clues.

3. My Dad stopped by to visit me yesterday afternoon on his way to the airport. He's on a provincial government advisory committee on log exports. Here is the best part: the government pays to fly him down to Vancouver once a month for the meetings so he gets to visit his mother every month for free. What a blessing!

4. Yesterday, my Dad gave us some corn on the cob from his garden. It was extra delicious. Corn on the cob is in my Top 5 favourite foods along with feta cheese, peanut butter, rhubarb and calamari. Yum!

5. We are getting a new vacuum cleaner and I am excited because I've never had a good vacuum cleaner before. My first one broke after a few years and my second one completely sucked (or didn't suck as Peter likes to joke).

6. I've now had a tour of the hospital and three pre-natal classes — including a detail-heavy ladies-only class — but I'm still not worried about labour. I know rationally it's going to be long and painful, but I still feel very confident that I can handle it. I will let you know if my instincts turn out to be right or if I'm just completely delusional!

7. Even though I'm almost 38 weeks pregnant, I still have lots of energy and feel great. I am so lucky to have had such an easy pregnancy.

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