Friday, September 21, 2012

Seven Quick Takes (20)

1. Our pre-natal instructor recommended that we make a birth plan so I wrote one this week. So far, it only has three things on it:

• I would like to have as few interventions as possible.
• I would like to be free to move around during labour.
• I would like to breastfeed as soon as possible after the baby is born.

The only other thing that is important to me is that I get to spend early labour at home in my own space with Peter and the cats. But I decided I didn't need to write that in my birth plan because no one will see it until we get to the hospital.

I asked Peter if he wanted to cut the umbilical cord or identify the baby's gender or play any other specific role in the delivery and he said he didn't.

2. I made a sad discovery this week. I looked at the Law Society of British Columbia's website and  the articling requirements are different in B.C. than Ontario. I have to take a 10-week course, which is only offered in Vancouver and Victoria. So now not only will I have to live apart from Peter when I'm finishing my third year of law school, but I'll also have to live in Vancouver for 10 weeks the following year. How sad is that? Fortunately, I know this law degree will be worth it. And we are going to have such a huge party when I am admitted to the bar!

3. Very few things make me happier than having a clean, tidy and organized house. I feel so content and relaxed right now. Our cats, on the other hand, are afraid of the vacuum and the garbage truck. They were also perturbed that I opened the windows to air out the house and they are too big to fit on the windowsills.

4. I had my first book club meeting this week and it was glorious. I didn't love the book — A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier — but I was so happy to meet some potential friends. Next month we are reading Day After Night.

5. Laura and I are hanging out a lot this week. On Monday, she came over for our sisterly reality television night. Then last night we went to see the premiere of Freedom for Birth, which is a documentary about women's rights in childbirth. Tonight is Take Back the Night and tomorrow we are canning fruit and then one of her girlfriends, who is also pregnant, is having a party. I didn't know if I would feel well enough to socialize so all our plans were tentative. But I'm feeling great right now.

6. Here are two good things:

• Earlier this week, I checked my library account and it said I had a book checked out that I had already returned. But then the librarian checked the shelf and it was there. Phew. 
• Costco is recalling ground beef. We bought ground beef at Costco during the affected dates so I called the store and, fortunately, the recalled ground beef wasn't sold on the day we went shopping. I wasn't particularly concerned because we ate some of it last week and it did not make us sick. But still phew!

7. In other Costco news, we ordered a lawnmower and it arrived this week. So now our lawn looks fabulous and I no longer have to hang my head in shame around our neighbours with immaculate lawns. When we lived in Ottawa, our condo association mowed the lawn for us so this is the first time we've needed our own lawnmower.

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