Thursday, November 22, 2012

30 Days of Thanks

This November, I want to remember to give thanks for:

1. My wonderful husband. I am so lucky to be married to Peter!
2. Our little daughter. She is such a miracle!
3. Living so close to my parents and sister.
4. My inlaws. I wish everyone could have inlaws as great as mine.
5. The continued good health of everyone in our family.
6. Peter's job.
7. Cats, especially our three glorious kitties.
8. My education.
9. Being able to afford such a wonderful home.
10. My maternity leave benefits.
11. Our severance packages.
12. My girlfriends.
13. Making new mommy and baby friends.
14. New York Times crossword puzzles.
15. Notre Dame's 11-0 record. (If Peter is happy then I am happy.)
16. My book clubs in both Ottawa and Prince George.
17. Mary's ability to get to sleep and stay asleep.
18. Getting to spend 90 minutes each night with Peter after Mary goes to bed.
19. Not having any debt aside from our mortgage.
20. My freelancing gig.
21. Our minivan.
22. Hand-me-down baby furniture, clothes, and other paraphernalia.
23. Having a clean and organized home.
24. Our PVR. I love watching television without commercials.
25. My five favourite foods: feta cheese, peanut butter, calamari, rhubarb and corn on the cob.
26. Hot baths. (I had one this week while Peter cleaned the kitchen and took care of Mary and it was heavenly.)
27. Wearing my favourite jeans again. I missed them when I was pregnant.
28. Our iPad.
29. Living in the best country in the world.
30. You for reading this!

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