Sunday, November 25, 2012

Seven Quick Takes (24)

1. My inlaws came all the way from Winnipeg for Mary's baptism. I love their visits and so does Mary!

Cuddling with Grandma and Grandpa Terry.

Hanging out with Daddy and Auntie Natalie.

2. Mary went to her first basketball game last weekend. She looks unhappy in the photo, but she did actually enjoy the game. She is such a Daddy's girl already!

3. Peter has lots of interests and talents, but dancing is not one of them. Unfortunately for him, Mary loves it when he dances. It is amazing what you will do to entertain your little daughter!

4. Mary continues to be a great sleeper. What a blessing! She has now cut back to one meal in the middle of the night — usually around 3 a.m. Soon she will be able to sleep for eight hours in a row. I haven't slept eight hours in a row since June!

5. I've started taking Mary to baby sign language classes at the public library. I am very bad at sign language and Mary is still too young to learn anything, but we're still having fun.

6. Peter was doing the play-by-play for the Spruce Kings broadcast last night so he had to tape the Notre Dame game. I was planning to avoid checking the score so I could make sure I wouldn't spoil the surprise for Peter. But then I turned on the television while I was feeding Mary before she went to sleep and saw the score in the last five minutes of the game. USC was down by 11 points and was within 10 yards of the goal line. I couldn't look away! Fortunately for me and sadly for Peter, he ended up getting an alert on the iPad when Notre Dame won so the surprise was spoiled. He was just so thankful they won, he wasn't one bit upset! They finished the season 12-0 and are going to the national championship.

7. And, in breaking baby news: Mary now has a double chin (possibly a triple chin) and a mullet (possibly a skullet.) But she's still adorable!

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