Friday, November 30, 2012

Seven Quick Takes (25)

 1. Sad news: Peter and I are sick. We both have terrible colds. Peter even took two days off of work, which is unheard of for him. Thankfully Mary seems to have escaped our illness. Apparently breastfeeding can prevent babies from catching colds from their mothers. How wonderful is that?

2. I've been feeling so rotten the past few days that I haven't had the motivation to dress Mary in anything other than sleepers. That is unusual because dressing Mary up is one of my biggest sources of entertainment these days. I'm not particularly into fashion, but I absolutely love Mary's clothes. I'm sad she's starting to grow out of some of her cutest outfits but fortunately she's growing into some of her other ones. (Also, Mary doesn't seem one bit bothered about wearing sleepers all day.)

3. My brother finishes his last set of classes for his bachelor's degree next week. I am very proud and extremely excited to see him in nine days. Mary hasn't met either of her uncles yet. She'll be meeting Peter's brother Mike on Dec. 21 when we arrive in Winnipeg for Christmas.

4. On the topic of Winnipeg and Christmas, I read Mary a book called A Prairie Boy's Winter and it was so traumatizing! That poor boy had a very rough life! I told my parents about how the book showed how hard life was on the Prairies on a farm during the Depression and my Dad reminded me that his Dad lived on the Prairies on a farm during the Depression. Then my Grandpa hopped on a train to Vancouver as a teenager and never went back.

5. Here is a conversation Peter and I had last night while he was watching the Canada Cup:
Peter: Mary should become an elite level curler.
Carolynne: Well . . . She can certainly take lessons when she's old enough.
Peter: She could go to a special school where she spends half the day in class and the other half of the day curling.
Carolynne: Um . . . Do those even exist?
Peter: Not yet! We'll have to start one ourselves!

6. Here is another related conversation I had with my parents two weeks ago at the UNBC basketball game:
Mom: Maybe Mary will play basketball for UNBC one day.
Carolynne: Only if she doesn't inherit my athletic ability.
Dad: Yikes! That would be scary!
(That was a total burn, but also totally true.)

7. This weekend Peter and I are going to see a play called A Joyful Noise with my parents and sister and sister-in-law. I am very excited. I absolutely love live theatre. Fingers and cats paws are crossed we will be feeling well enough by then to go.

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