Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christmas in Winnipeg

Better late than never: Here are some photos from our wonderful Christmas in Winnipeg.

Mary meets Uncle Mike for the first time.

Mary hangs out with her new friend Rowan.

Mary and her grandma have the same name and the same smile.

 Mary loves Uncle Mike's hat.

 Canucks fans unite on Christmas Day.

 Mary is sad she doesn't have a Canucks jersey.

 Sadly Figo the dog did not make it into the family photo

 Grandpas are excellent snugglers.

 Thank you for the spectacular Christmas outfit, Great-Auntie Mo.

Aunties are also excellent snugglers.

Mary loves her Christmas present.

Mary and Peter are celebrating!

Mary is wearing Auntie Katie's dress.

Christmas is exhausting!

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