Monday, February 25, 2013

Five Months

 Mary is five months old now. She loves music and people and being the centre of attention. She is a very happy little girl!

Here are the things that Mary loves:

• Listening to music
• People
• Bath time with Daddy
• Putting everything in her mouth
• Sleeping
• Eating
• Talking loudly
• Not wearing clothes
• Having her head rubbed
• Her Baby Bjorn
• Patting the cats

Here are the things that Mary hates:

• Getting out of the bath
• Napping by herself in her crib

Milestones this month:

• Getting her first tooth
• Going 24 hours without crying
• Passing objects from hand to hand
• Recognizing her name
• Making strange
• Sitting for a few seconds without support 
• Visiting Nana's kindergarten class

Mary weighs 16 pounds and seven ounces. She is 25 inches long.

We love you Mary!

Watch Mary grow:
One month
Two months
Three months
Four months

Friday, February 22, 2013

Seven Quick Takes (28)

1. Mary has her first tooth! Most babies get their bottom teeth first and then the front ones at the top, but hers is coming in on the side at the top. I found out the hard way while I was feeding her. Here is a photo:

2. Last week Mary was making the strangest gasping or wheezing noise. The noise was really alarming, but she was smiling and happy and not having trouble breathing. I called the tele-health nurse just to be safe and she diagnosed Mary with being a "little stinker" for worrying her parents unnecessarily. The nurse said Mary had probably just discovered a new noise she could make and thought it was cool and exciting. What a little stinker indeed!

3. Mary looks a lot like her father as a baby. Here is Peter:

And here is Mary:

4. Mary and I spent the day in my mother's kindergarten class while Peter was covering stories in Fort St. James and Vanderhoof. She has the most exhausting job! Oh my goodness! Mary absolutely loved all the kids. She was smiling and laughing the entire day.

5. Mary is absolutely obsessed with music. It is her number one hobby. She loves to lie on her sheepskin rug and and listen to her baby CDs. And she never seems to get bored like she does when I read her stories. While Peter and I were packing to go to Vanderhoof, she listened to 17 songs all by herself. I'm going to buy her some more CDs because listening to the same 35 songs over and over is driving me and Peter bonkers.

6. I gave up junk food and peanut butter for Lent. Peter gave up coffee, pop and treats from Tim Hortons. We both decided to pray every day. We are doing extremely well at everything but praying. Also, I am craving peanut butter like crazy.

7. Last week, Mary went an entire 24-hour period without crying. It was amazing! She usually has a meltdown when she gets out of the bath and has to get dried and dressed for bed before I feed her. It's the longest seven minutes of the day!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2013 Goals Update

I set myself eight goals at the beginning of the year. Here's how I'm progressing so far:

• Do the Friday New York Times crossword puzzle every week.
I've finished the crossword every week so far. I completed one with help from Peter and four with help from the Internet. Hopefully that will improve as the year goes on.

• Read 40 books.
I'm way behind on this. I've only read three books so far. I also read half of two more. One was on sleep training and I skipped the toddler section because I don't have a toddler yet. The other was Fifty Shades of Grey. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, but it was just too trashy so I gave up reading it.

• Make 30 new recipes.
I'm doing awesome on this goal. I've already made nine new recipes. The best were Chicken Fajitas, Pizza Sauce, Tuna Patties and Golden Dome Cauliflower.

• Give our house a thorough spring cleaning.
I haven't started on this yet. It's still winter!

• Pay off some of our mortgage.
We're doing well on this goal. But, again, I won't share our personal financial details on the Internet because Peter wouldn't be pleased!

• Breastfeed Mary exclusively until she is six months old and then part-time until her first birthday.
We're on track to meet this goal.

• Sleep eight hours in a row at least once.
I slept for seven hours in a row on Monday night! And now that Mary is almost sleeping through the night, I'm optimistic I'll be able to meet this goal soon.

• Finish my second-to-last semester of law school.
I am still planning to go back to school in September.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Random Things

Goodness gracious! I haven't updated in ages! So here are some random things to catch you up on our life.

• Peter's uncle is feeling much better. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

• Mary is continuing to be the most glorious of babies. She weighs almost 16 pounds and is so happy and outgoing. She is such a blessing to our family!

• Mary is almost sleeping through the night now! My friend gave me a book on sleep training and we used some of the techniques and she caught on very quickly. She usually wakes up for about five minutes a couple of times during the night but she manages to put herself back to sleep all on her own. And she's in her crib from 7 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. It is so glorious!

• I now have to work on sleep training myself. I wake up randomly during the night to go to check on Mary, which is the worst idea ever. Last night I woke her up twice! What a fail!

• Mary is now interested in our cats, which is the cutest thing ever. She likes to pet them and yell in their ears. They are still very leery of her.

• Keep your fingers crossed for cold weather! Peter is supposed to be skating in the Prince George Iceman next weekend. But if the weather continues to be warm, the rink will melt and he won't be able to skate!

• I joined Strollerfit and it is extremely hard. I am so not an athlete!

• I still haven't decided what to give up for Lent. Peter is giving up pop and coffee. I could also give up pop and coffee, but that would be a cop out because I don't drink either one!

• Here is a picture of my Dad and the chubbiest and happiest of babies: