Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2013 Goals Update

I set myself eight goals at the beginning of the year. Here's how I'm progressing so far:

• Do the Friday New York Times crossword puzzle every week.
I've finished the crossword every week so far. I completed one with help from Peter and four with help from the Internet. Hopefully that will improve as the year goes on.

• Read 40 books.
I'm way behind on this. I've only read three books so far. I also read half of two more. One was on sleep training and I skipped the toddler section because I don't have a toddler yet. The other was Fifty Shades of Grey. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, but it was just too trashy so I gave up reading it.

• Make 30 new recipes.
I'm doing awesome on this goal. I've already made nine new recipes. The best were Chicken Fajitas, Pizza Sauce, Tuna Patties and Golden Dome Cauliflower.

• Give our house a thorough spring cleaning.
I haven't started on this yet. It's still winter!

• Pay off some of our mortgage.
We're doing well on this goal. But, again, I won't share our personal financial details on the Internet because Peter wouldn't be pleased!

• Breastfeed Mary exclusively until she is six months old and then part-time until her first birthday.
We're on track to meet this goal.

• Sleep eight hours in a row at least once.
I slept for seven hours in a row on Monday night! And now that Mary is almost sleeping through the night, I'm optimistic I'll be able to meet this goal soon.

• Finish my second-to-last semester of law school.
I am still planning to go back to school in September.

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