Friday, February 22, 2013

Seven Quick Takes (28)

1. Mary has her first tooth! Most babies get their bottom teeth first and then the front ones at the top, but hers is coming in on the side at the top. I found out the hard way while I was feeding her. Here is a photo:

2. Last week Mary was making the strangest gasping or wheezing noise. The noise was really alarming, but she was smiling and happy and not having trouble breathing. I called the tele-health nurse just to be safe and she diagnosed Mary with being a "little stinker" for worrying her parents unnecessarily. The nurse said Mary had probably just discovered a new noise she could make and thought it was cool and exciting. What a little stinker indeed!

3. Mary looks a lot like her father as a baby. Here is Peter:

And here is Mary:

4. Mary and I spent the day in my mother's kindergarten class while Peter was covering stories in Fort St. James and Vanderhoof. She has the most exhausting job! Oh my goodness! Mary absolutely loved all the kids. She was smiling and laughing the entire day.

5. Mary is absolutely obsessed with music. It is her number one hobby. She loves to lie on her sheepskin rug and and listen to her baby CDs. And she never seems to get bored like she does when I read her stories. While Peter and I were packing to go to Vanderhoof, she listened to 17 songs all by herself. I'm going to buy her some more CDs because listening to the same 35 songs over and over is driving me and Peter bonkers.

6. I gave up junk food and peanut butter for Lent. Peter gave up coffee, pop and treats from Tim Hortons. We both decided to pray every day. We are doing extremely well at everything but praying. Also, I am craving peanut butter like crazy.

7. Last week, Mary went an entire 24-hour period without crying. It was amazing! She usually has a meltdown when she gets out of the bath and has to get dried and dressed for bed before I feed her. It's the longest seven minutes of the day!

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