Saturday, March 2, 2013

Seven Quick Takes (29)

1. Mary is very into music and not so much into books. She gets bored easily when I read to her. On a good day, we can read for 10 minutes at a time. But she can happily listen to music for hours. I've been playing her all sorts of different music on the satellite radio. Classical, opera, jazz, she loves it all!

2. I've decided to revamp my wardrobe. I want to start buying better quality clothes so they last longer and I look better and Mary will not be ashamed of me when she grows up. I know very little about fashion, but I can learn!

3. In slightly related news, I'm getting my hair cut on Monday for the first time since Mary was born. I am excited!

4. My mother, sister, Mary and I are going on a roadtrip to the Okanagan next month. I am going to visit my friends from Ottawa who now live in Kelowna. Our babies can be friends! It is going to be glorious.

5. Mary is going to her first hockey game tomorrow. Peter is doing the broadcasting for the pre-game, post-game and intermission shows so he'll be able to hang out with us during the actual game. 

6. Here is Peter's most hilarious story of the week: Oils spills can benefit economy, panel told. One of the girls in my book club said it sounded like an Onion article.

7. Here are some recent photos of our little daughter, for your enjoyment:

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