Friday, March 8, 2013

Seven Quick Takes (30)

1. Mary had a big week this week! She gained six ounces and is now more than double her birth weight at a whopping 16 pounds 15 ounces. She also rolled over from her back to her front. And, best of all, she can kind of sit. Here is Mary in her gorilla pose, as Peter calls it:

2. I applied to the University of Manitoba earlier this week. I'm hoping I can finish my last year of law school in Winnipeg so Mary and I can stay with my in-laws and my mother-in-law can take care of the Cute Lute while I'm in class. Peter, sadly, will have to stay here and work. Because I've finished two years already, I would still graduate with a University of Ottawa degree. I really hope I get accepted!

3. Operation fashion overhaul is underway. My sister came over yesterday and helped me sort through my clothes. I realized that every nice item of clothing I own was either bought by my mother, made by my mother or bought by my mother-in-law. This has to change!

4. Mary went to her first hockey game earlier this week. She burst into tears as soon as she walked in because it was so loud, but then she calmed down and enjoyed all three hours of the game. I was very impressed by her stamina!

5. I was doing so well on my Lenten vow not to eat junk food until yesterday when I was out with some friends for coffee and they had carrot cake samples at the till. I completely forgot it was Lent! What a fail!

6. I just finished my first Prince George cat-sitting gig. It made me miss all my kitty friends in Ottawa . . . and human friends in Ottawa too.

7. I am lacking inspiration today, so enjoy these unrelated photos of a bunch of cats and Mary in a tutu:

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