Friday, June 7, 2013

Seven Quick Takes (32)

 1. I have an articling interview on Wednesday with the biggest law firm in the city. Because it's a full-service firm, I would get to work in family law, criminal law, civil law and corporate law. I'm so incredibly excited!

2. The past three days, Mary has been flipping over onto her tummy in her sleep and waking herself up and crying. We've had some rough nights. The toughest part is that there is nothing I can do. I can't force her to sleep on her back or convince her that tummy sleeping is glorious. Poor Cute Lute!

3. In more positive Mary news, she was such a trooper at my cousin's wedding last weekend. At the Chinese tea ceremony she was loud and happy and glorious. (That part of the wedding was very loud so her babbling didn't disturb anyone.) And then at the ceremony, she was quiet and happy and glorious. Way to go, Cute Lute! Mary didn't come to the reception because it didn't start until after her bedtime. We had a babysitter and I only had to go back to the hotel once to put her back to sleep.

4. We're going to Terrace next weekend for Peter to cover the Northern Gateway pipeline final arguments. I'm really looking forward to it. Peter has never been to that part of B.C. before and, of course, neither has Mary.

5. Yesterday, Mary weighed 20 pounds six ounces. I just love how big and sturdy she is.

6. My brother ran a half marathon a few weeks ago in one hour, 38 minutes. Way to go, Paul! And, as my mother so kindly pointed out, this now makes me the only member of my family of origin who hasn't run a half-marathon. Laura has run four, Mom has run two and Paul and Dad have run one each.

7. Peter and I were cat-chatting the other day about what we would do if we won $590 million. We decided we would use the money as an endowment to start a charity like Kiva, but fund projects within Canada. Winning the lottery would be amazing, but it would only eliminate one of my top three problems. Peter would be able to take a year off work (or quit entirely) and come with me to finish my law degree next year. But all the money in the world wouldn't make Mary sleep through the night and wouldn't get rid of my anxiety over her health and well-being.

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