About Me

My name is Carolynne. I live in Northern B.C. with my husband Peter, daughter Mary and our three cats.

Peter and I got married in July 2011 and Mary joined us in September 2012. I absolutely love being a wife and mother.

I finished my second year of law school in May 2012 and now I'm taking a year off to care for Mary. I still have no idea what sort of law I want to practice, but I love legal writing and any kind of public law. Peter and I used to work as editors for a national newswire service in Ottawa. We met at work four years ago. Now Peter is a reporter for my hometown newspaper.

I love crossword puzzles, reading, scrapbooking, cooking, live theatre and, thanks to Peter's influence, sports. I'm Catholic and a feminist. I'm also a little obsessed with saving money.


  1. You forgot to add "amazingly cat literate" and "full of zest and pep". Definitely need to add those traits.


  2. Dear Carolynne and Peter.

    Congratulations and welcome Mary!!@#$%@#!!!!!!!! - that is the best news of the week (including that my contract renewal is probably going to happen next September). Peter - no stash -- you look so young.

    Rest and Blessing!
    Your Ontarian friend Gary (St. Iggy)